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 Exhibition Rd. @Odaiba/ Rd. 1 @ Fuji Speedway!!!!

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Exhibition Rd. @Odaiba/ Rd. 1 @ Fuji Speedway!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Exhibition Rd. @Odaiba/ Rd. 1 @ Fuji Speedway!!!!   Exhibition Rd. @Odaiba/ Rd. 1 @ Fuji Speedway!!!! EmptySun Mar 15, 2015 9:19 am

Hello everyone and sorry for the wait!! I've had to reorganize a few things before we really got into this championship but now I have all that I need to proceed with D1GP.
This will be a back to back round setup. Drivers will be participating in the exhibition round and qualifications for Fuji Speedway Reverse course to put their skills to the test, the exhibition round will be a prized event and will be judged just as strict as an actual part of the real rounds ahead but no points will be awarded.
I will post details about the sections later today and give insight into on how to run them properly and effectively to get the highest score possible (100 points to be exact),

Operation Date: 03/21/2015
Exhibition Time: 8:30pm EST
Qualifications @ Fuji:7:00pm EST
Round 1 @ Fuji Speedway(Rev): 12 pm EST
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Exhibition Rd. @Odaiba/ Rd. 1 @ Fuji Speedway!!!!
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