Japan Attack is a server based on Japan's drifting cultures as well as the virtual dimension abroad. Hosted by us!!!
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 JPAttack! Introduction

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PostSubject: JPAttack! Introduction   JPAttack! Introduction EmptyWed Oct 22, 2014 9:10 pm

Welcome!!! We are Team Free spirit and we introduce to you Japan Attack, the social connection between drifters and people with the love of Japanese culture. Noo this isn't an actual attack, ヽ(´ー`)ノ. The "Attack" is an aim for people who love drifting and love Japanese style.

In the beginning, we( Members of TFS separately) were part of the forzamotorsport world, watching it change so dramatically through its forums. As time continued, the new features began storming in, the drama continued to grow and diminish the love for the game. Many left because they grew tired and some stayed to try to adapt to the critical issues within the public drift world. The forza forums died along with the older teams and their respective members and some began to build new communities, with added creativity such as role play, building garages and creating an atmosphere that was most comfortable for players from forza and even Gran Turismo.

The idea behind this forum is to bring people together that share a common interest, not just with games but with reality as well. It's something that can grow because you never know who you'll run into that could be just like you!!! But indeed this forum may not be for everyone  but JPN ATK is such a new and open source of community development that you never know what new things can emerge.

So please, stick around a bit, some interesting things will soon happen -----

-Truth, The Admin ( ̄▽ ̄)/
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JPAttack! Introduction
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