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 Holy Crap its Katakana!!

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Holy Crap its Katakana!! Empty
PostSubject: Holy Crap its Katakana!!   Holy Crap its Katakana!! EmptySat Nov 01, 2014 11:36 am

I know I know some things on here are difficult to read, mainly because half of our website is in Japanese language.
I designed a quick chart to help you get started in learning how to read Japanese characters:

ア A | カka サsa タta ナna ハha マma ヤya ラra
イ I |キki シshi チchi ニni ヒhi ミmi リri
ウ U |くku スsu つtsu ヌnu フfu ムmu ユyu ルru
エ E |ケke セse テte ネne へhe メme レre
オ O |コko ソso トto ノno ホho モmo ヨyo ロro
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Holy Crap its Katakana!!
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